Warforged Hybrid Paladin|Cleric




Ferrous was once a man: Rond Vidar. Born into the oppression of Graen, Rond nevertheless had a rebellious streak within him. While his parents actively discouraged it, Rond insisted on treading the thin line between law and disorder, stopping short of active lawbreaking. Falling in with a cult dedicated to the exarch Hoar, Rond delved deep into the lore of the Doombringer. Attempting a ritual of Hoar’s, something went wrong and Rond found himself imprisoned in a frame of metal and wood. For the first time enduring true suffering, Rond found no comfort in the teachings of Hoar (or Hoar’s master Bane) and instead found himself drawn to the teachings of Ilmater and Torm. It was after his “accident” that Rond took the name Ferrous, what he felt was a fitting name for his new form.

Ferrous ultimately seeks to find a way to shed the living prison he’s trapped within, unsure if it’s even possible. But along the way he’ll try to alleviate the suffering of others, praying that no one should have to endure the pain he experiences (not that being warforged actually causes him any actual physical pain, but his soul hurts because Dashboard Confessional hasn’t been born yet)


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